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Love over Lust


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Hello there.

Sixteen-year old Pierre is eager to make a new start in the Six-Form branch of the prestigious, ST. PAUL’S ACADEMY FOR YOUNG MEN. However, what he hopes to be an uneventful series of terms quickly spirals into a yearlong lesson on how all is foul in love and war.

One of the few of his level who didn’t graduate directly from the High School branch, Pierre finds himself shoved abruptly into the unique and oblique culture that the institution has to offer. Scandalized by student-political affairs, inappropriate student-teacher interactions and the shocking openness with which all sexual and romantic affairs are handled, he makes a commitment to remain his (very) straight self and steer away from all the drama.

But unfortunately for him, there’s nothing the boys of St. Paul’s enjoy more than fresh meat. When a scandal concerning him hits in his first week, Pierre falls under the unwanted scrutiny of the entire student body. His boyish good looks and apparent naivety especially garner him the attention of several of St. Paul’s notorious, leading personalities, several of whom come to the decision that his presence is one that cannot be ignored.

From the South African with an immense talent for bed-play, to the ginger who owns a mini-stalking business, to the striking swimming team captain, to the resident campus drug-dealer – every one of his schoolmates is stranger than the last, and each one has his own story waiting to be told. The only question is: Who among them wants him around, who among them wants him in bed, and who among them wants him out for good? When distinguishing friend from foe is as difficult and temporal as distinguishing love from lust, Pierre can only hope to make it through the school year with head and heart in one piece. Join him as he discovers everything there is to know about devotion, devastation, and perhaps even himself.

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LoL is a creative (writing) project created when lolmod decided to rickroll overwrought yaoi character and storyline stereotypes, British boarding school movies and the scandalous controversies surrounding the widespread homosexuality and exhausting politics of their own school into one big, gay, semi-parody.
It is fuelled largely by crack with a healthy mix of determination, and pure love for the project. It is meant to be enjoyed (either as a serious story or as a parody), and is not meant to be taken too seriously.

It is neither meant to offend nor cause any sort of moral dilemmas.
Don't take it too seriously, and we promise, you'll have a great time.