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03 January 2011 @ 06:11 pm
{ 1 x 02.01  

The Start of Something New SUB EPISODE ONE
Hiroki; Karl; Javier


“Yes father, I’ve settled in. We arrived with enough time before the ceremony. The prefects here were able to take me on a short tour and everything. Yes, everything went smoothly. Yes, the private jet was great, thank you, although you may want to restock on wine soon,”

Because on the way here, I made it a point to be absolutely wasted. Like you were, probably, when you made the decision to send me here.

“No father, no one’s been particularly mean towards me. Of course I’ll make it a point to tell you so if anyone begins to take advantage of me,”

Does taking advantage account for staring though? Because those haven’t stopped since I got here. Everywhere I go, there’s some boy eyeing me like I’m a fresh slab of meat. It’s creeping me the hell out.

“My roommate? Well … he’s a redhead. Irish, I think. No, I don’t’ know his last name, or if his family owns a business of any kind. When I dropped by the room a little while ago he seemed to be asleep, so I left him. There’ll be enough time for introductions later,”

Much, much later.

“What? No, I’m not being antisocial father. This is how I normally am. It’s not that I don’t want friends. Or contacts. Or whatever. I just don’t want to … I just … well … Well. I … Okay. Fine. While we’re being honest, may I remind you that I did NOT want to go here in the first place, okay? I’m only here because you told me I needed to ‘expand my horizons’ and because you had already paid the school fees by the time you told me,”

And now I’m trapped here in this godforsaken place.

“…No father. It’s not that I’m ungrateful. It’s just I wish you’d talk to me a little less harshly?”

And while we're at it, why don’t you just take all this ‘only son’ crap and shove it up your ass?

“Listen father, I need to go. Something’s come up. A … uh … fencing thing. Yes. Yeah. I’ll talk to you soon,”

The sooner the better.

“Give my regards to my sisters. And to mother,”

Not that you’d take the trouble.



Along the hallway of the East Wing dormitory, a tall built figure walked through the group of students. Those who stood in his path suddenly stepped aside, although they knew he meant no harm. The young bloke always smiled and greeted his fellow students, and whispers and giggles were heard as he passed by them. No one was really sure whether he observed how students behaved around him or not, but if he’s aware, then he didn’t seem to mind it; or it’s possible he’s not aware of it at all. Either way, the heartthrob athlete wore a smile on his face, and kept walking coolly towards his room, with his football tightly locked under his arm and his backpack, filled with his gears and jersey uniform, hung over his shoulder.

“WATCH OUT, KARL!” a voice suddenly called out from inside of one of the rooms. Karl immediately ducked for cover as a thick green book flew out the door to his left and banged on the wall right next to him.

“What the --?” reacted Karl, not exactly shocked by the attack of the huge English textbook. He peered inside the room and saw his friend Zorro walking out to the hall.

“Sorry about that, mate,” said Zorro, looking rather stressed and filled with panic, “I really am sorry. It’s just that I saw this huge bloody cockroach near my desk and I threw the book at it. I guess I need to improve my aim…?”

“Oh. Uh, don’t worry about it. No harm done, anyway… Good luck with that bug problem.”

“Yeah, thanks!”

Karl picked up the textbook at his side, and handed it to his semi-entomophobic friend, letting the latter finish the cockroach extermination. He was about to start walking again when three students suddenly shoved past him. He couldn’t get a good look at them because they were already running fast, but he could’ve sworn they looked familiar. He was probably imagining it, but he thought he heard one of them whisper “Shit, it’s Karl!” before they ran like mad. His curiosity was aroused, but he chose to ignore the incident, and went straight to his room.

Upon reaching the door to his room, he heard voices from within, all booming with laughter. The football player swung open the door to see three familiar faces teasingly smiling (and laughing) at him. He waved at them, scanning the room for anything unusual, and then saw the reason for their amusement.

“It’s that time of the year again, Karl!” teased Niko, his roommate. The other two tried to stifle their laughter, but only to such an extent. Karl was staring at his bed, sagging under the weight of chocolates, letters, notes, and a huge teddy bear sitting in the center of it all.

“It never gets old, man!” commented Tyger, practically tearing from all that laughing.

Karl merely smirked at the comment, and asked “So, did you guys witness the culprit of this year’s present?”

“OH YES, OF COURSE,” answered an eager Muller, still trying to calm himself. “Three charming fellows entered a few minutes ago. They left just a while before you came in, actually.”

Karl suddenly remembered the three students bumping into him in the hallway, and just said to himself, “Ah, now I get it.”

Niko took one sealed envelope from Karl’s bed, and handed it to him. “D’you care to start reading?”

Smirking, Karl put down his things, and took the envelope from his roommate’s hand. He tore it open and took out the two page letter inside, designed with Karl’s pictures accompanied with a long message. He cleared up his throat and started, “Dear Karl… ---“

“Blimey, only two pages long?” exclaimed Tyger. “Well, there are two more letters, but for now, nothing beats the record of that six-page declaration you received… two years ago, right?”

“Yeah, I think that’s correct,” said Niko, chuckling at the memory.

Mario Muller was scanning the gifts on the bed, frowning, “What? No flowers? Last year, there were loads of them! The boys are losing their romantic side.” He sighed.

Karl merely smiled at the comments, and continued to read the letter. Meanwhile, his 3 friends were looking through the different chocolates and sweets lying on his bed. This was the usual routine at the start of the school year. Ever since Karl’s blooming reputation at the start of college life, he had been receiving welcome gifts from his fans. They usually sent their lovely and thoughtful offers at the beginning of each year, leaving the gifts somewhere in his dorm room. Though Karl appreciated the efforts, he still gave a share to his friends, knowing that he wouldn’t be allowed to finish all the sweets anyway – football season always started right away.

“I call dibs on the Guylian chocolate!” one shouted, as they started dividing the candies into equal shares. Karl was done reading the letters – the 6-page record still stood. He sat down on his bed, joining his friends in the chocolate sorting. As he unwrapped one chocolate bar, all four were suddenly startled when someone pounded loudly on the door, plunging into quiet. Muller stood up and opened the door, but didn’t see anyone standing there. The only person he saw in the hallway was Zorro, trying to crawl back inside his room with a bug spray in hand. He was about to close the door when he noticed something on the floor. Muller’s mood suddenly changed, an eerie and frustrated feeling crawling up his spine.

“Hey Karl,” he called out.


“I take back what I said about the flowers.”

Muller stepped aside to show what was sitting in front of their doorway, thus revealing a note attached to a flower pot filled with beautiful daisies. A millisecond later, it dawned to all three of them: the daisies looked too familiar. And they knew it… They were Muller’s daisies.

Eyes made their way to Muller’s face, which was bowed down as it was looking at the pot. Muller lifted his head, eyes burning with rage and said, “YOUR FANBOYS BETTER RUN AND HIDE.” With that, he was out of sight.


Javier laughed into his cellphone as he drove through the city, still fast asleep under the faint pink glow of a new day. More accurately however, Javier laughed into the earpiece that sat snug behind his right ear and received his cell phone's calls for him. The red convertible had seen better glorious days in the wake of the past ten years, but now she cruised smoothly along the park sides of the suburbs lining the city, her drive now seasoned to a charming familiarity.

"I'm heading over there now, stop worrying so much" Javier spoke into the air, his smile having never left his face since his cellphone buzzed five minutes earlier.

"Yes yes I left all the doors locked. I checked on the fish too, when was the last time you had that tank cleaned by the way , and no of course she didn't suspect a thing" A stop as he listened. He rounded a corner and entered a driveway that preceded a village, if you would call it that. It was more park than any residence, but St. Paul's was a campus that took up space as it did money so there was no problem. Thank you, well provided dad who provides.

"Well I always leave the house early anyway. My aunt loves me not stalks me so I'm sure she hasn't a hint on what your car looks like" Javier patted the wheel he was holding for emphasis even if it would go unnoticed. There was a muffled laugh that followed this on the other end of the line.

"Huh?" Javier sounded, his cheer suddenly on pause. "fine i guess" he continued. "I spent a lot of it reading in our library though. Mom wanted me to try getting back into tennis with her but well yeah. I do so love her" he laughed. The towering walls of St. Paul's Boarding School for Boys appeared to the right of the car window.

There was a short pause, as he listened to the speaker on the other end, before he felt his chest suddenly engulf itself into a warm and almost painful reception. He smiled softly.

"I missed you too"

He entered the rarely used parking space some meters off the main gates and parked the car. Gears were shifted and the ignition consequently died when he took the key. He stepped out into the crisp morning air, cellphone in hand and promptly went for his bags in the back.

"Go back to sleep" Javier chuckled fondly, grabbing his bags and slinging them over his available shoulder. "isn't it like, three in the morning over there?"

He stopped and sighed, exasperated. "Fine. New York and it's two in the morning" He smirked. "Come back soon okay?"

Javier fingered the last bag and shut the door. he locked the car and started walking towards the opening assembly, now half an hour away.

"We'll celebrate the new year our way"