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Dennis; Mikael; Niko

N.420; The North Wing ... The Grand Hall

Dennis made it just a couple of hours before the opening ceremonies with slightly puffy eyes and a minor case of jetlag. This was excusable for Dennis had just arrived from a charity mission in Zimbabwe a few hours back but still politely requested that he be brought to school in time. It was only fitting that an elected school officer be there to usher in potential new "friends", he thought, much more a spiritual affairs head in spiritual St. Paul's.

After neatly unpacking his things in his room in the North Wing, Dennis rushed down several flights of marble staircases, avoided hitting the antique furniture and made his way to the school's front gates. In spite of his hurry, Dennis didn't fail to greet everyone he passed with a short but happy hi at which newcomers reacted with a confused stare and old students nodded back casually in reply.

From being lead altar boy in the local parish to finally getting elected into a position four generations of his family held, Dennis had done what a good son could do, the best way he could. In school, he's always been the responsible young man all the professors relied on. And surprisingly, he had done all this out of his own accord, not being forced into it by his pious parents. In truth, he actually did things for the sake of doing them and to gain the trust and admiration reserved for genuinely good people.

What he did with the trust, well, it's safest to say that Dennis often chuckled at the thought.

In about 5 minutes, he had reached the entrance. Panting, Dennis grasped the cold metal of the huge brass gates for support and glanced at the multitude of students who will soon come to . Well, it's show time, he mused, running a hand through his hair and flashing his trademark "how-may-I-help-you?" smile.

As he assisted lost new students and helped carry heavy luggage, Dennis looked back at what he did in Zimbabwe - he fed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty and clothed the naked. Now that he was back in St. Paul's, Dennis was more than ready to do all of that but smirked as he decided that he might keep the naked as they are and show them just how much he can actually give them.

E.308; The East Wing

After a summer spent in lavish cruises and travels abroad, there was a warm feeling that greeted Mikael as he found himself outside the school's grand gates, both hands occupied with bags. Although still affected by a major summer hangover, he was particularly glad to be back. St. Paul's was the change of pace that he had been looking forward to, a breather from the lifestyle that he led outside of school. As Mikael wove through the crowd towards the East Wing, he thought how great it was being back in the company of good friends and with business waiting to begin for the new school year.

Dealing narcotics was unquestionably rewarding in many aspects, but to Mikael, his reputation and the expansive connections that he was able to establish over the years were what he valued above all. It was satisfyingly empowering being in control of a drug clientele willing to give just about anything for what he supplied, some going to greater lengths just to get their fix. Despite this, Mikael regarded it as a ordered and dignified system, retaining an air of formality when conducting business - an exception, however, was given to those who were intensely generous and willing enough to transcend the standard dealer-client relationship. The nature of these offers was something that Mikael reserved in stories for drunken nights with friends or simply kept hidden within the walls of his dorm room. As long as everything worked in proper order and everyone was happy, no one complained and all was well.

Just after unpacking his belongings did Mikael find a customer already waiting outside. The student from the South Wing who had come to visit him that morning became a regular a year ago. He was a little younger and did an admirable job at hiding his vices, as Mikael observed, his sophisticated, clean-cut appearance and polite, disciplined manner being effectively deceiving. He reasoned that his unusually early purchase was for the purpose of "starting the year right". Mikael had no objections and handed what he wanted over - the thought of the poor kid wasted beyond recovery on his first day appealed to his rather sadistic humor. Whatever happened to him from there was no longer his fault.

"If I end up broke soon, I'm blaming you," the South Wing student laughed pleasantly, keeping the packet inside his blazer and handing a roll of money to Mikael. "I promise that I'll come by more often."

Mikael flicked through the bills with his fingers as he counted. "Money shouldn't be a problem for you," he assured with a knowing smile, "In those situations I think we're both aware of how I work already. " He rapped at his room door for emphasis. The boy, immediately catching his drift, laughed once more before thanking him and finally setting off towards his own wing.

Mikael sighed and pulled back a sleeve to check the time - there was still an hour at most left, probably better spent outside. He shoved the money into his pocket and headed outside. There was bound to be someone out there he could hang out with and bother at least until the assembly started. Of course, there was the second option of sleeping in to completely skip the whole thing like last year, but he then decided that his first day started surprisingly too well and was better off not being wasted. If he was lucky enough, maybe he would be out just in time to catch Ian jumping out of a helicopter again.

E.309; The East Wing ... The Grand Hall

Niko was exceptionally early for the start of the school year. He arrived a few hours before the school halls were flooded with the mob of students.

Upon his arrival, he went directly to the bulletin board which displayed the students’ room assignments. To get a better look, he put down his baggage very carefully since it was full of his swimming gear. Scrolling down the list of names, he found his under the “East Wing” house.

For this year, his roommate would be Karl. Another athlete… that’ll be fun, he thought. He met Karl in their second year of college, being under the same Athletics Program. They’ve been well-acquainted with each other since then, but didn’t exactly consider each other friends.

He took his bags, and walked up to the East Wing using the long route. He wanted to pass by the pool area first, and inhale the chlorine scent of home.

It was exciting to think that he was now appointed as swimming team captain for his last year in college. He considered it quite special, since St. Paul’s College
School for Boys actually witnessed his very first step in his swimming career. When he was younger, his dad worked at the school as a professor. His father figured to bring him along to work, as it was more convenient at that time, and enrolled him for some lessons. Soon enough, Niko had developed such passion for the sport. He then spent years devoting his time and strength to training, preparing himself for this very moment which he may finally grasp. He deserved the spot, and he knew it.

With one last look, he let out a sigh, turned around and headed towards the dormitories.

Students started filling the corridors as Niko sat by the window in his room, thinking about what he’d want to fulfill as captain for this year; such as topping most of the competitions. He was quite close to the former captains of the team, and he learned that in being the leader, there was a need to be an example to his team and be at the top of his game all the time.

“That wouldn’t be much trouble. The responsibility came with the position… and, undoubtedly, there are a few perks along with it too,” he said to himself, chuckling.

A few minutes later, the silence was completely erased by the roars of laughter and chatter. Realizing it was only less than 2 hours before the opening ceremony; he finally got up and went out to join the crowd, waving and smiling to countless admirers along the hallway, as usual.


Upon entering the hall, Niko smiled as he saw the long tables already filled with the usual breakfast delicacies. He caught a glimpse of his friends, who were seated near the front. As he approached them, he got a clearer view of his mates, Xander and Tyger. He noticed that his roommate Karl was seated there, as well.

Tyger and Xander seemed to be laughing at some inside joke as they stared at the empty seat next to student council president, Daniel. Mikael was right next to them, counting some bills in hand and shoved it in his pocket once he was done.

“Good morning, gentlemen!” he greeted, as he took his seat and started filling up his plate with food. “Isn’t it such a joy that the headmaster’s late? It gives us more time to enjoy this lovely breakfast,” he continued, laughing to himself.

“Nikolas, you really are a pig,” Xander said, smirking, “It’s quite a surprise you still manage to keep yourself from bloating up like a balloon.”

Tyger and Karl laughed, but Niko just smiled and continued eating. They all knew that nothing could keep Niko from his meal, especially since the food at St. Paul’s was prepared by some of very best cooks in the country.

They soon finished their breakfast, and chatter filled up the place as everyone waited for their headmaster.

“By the way,” Niko addressed to Karl, “I took the bed by the window, if you don’t mind.”
Karl stared at him for a few seconds, and his face was suddenly filled with confusion. He looked at Kyle, who had the same expression.

Karl suddenly spoke up, “I thought Kyle was my roommate, just like last year?”

“Oh,” said Niko, “Well, let’s just ask student council about it later.” Room assignments weren’t a big deal to him, so there was no need to argue about it. Besides… if they really were roommates, I could possibly have the room for myself, he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted when Marcus stepped up and announced to the crowd, “Attention, everyone! Our headmaster would arrive in an hour, so please be patient and start preparing for our opening ceremony.”

The staff started to enter the hall, and cleared the tables of the used silverware and leftovers. Niko looked around the area, and spotted a few new students he encountered this morning in front of the swimming bulletin board. Xander and Tyger followed his stare and smiled, knowing what he was going to do next.

“Off you go, mate,” said Tyger, “as always.”

Niko chuckled, “What can I do? There’s always a new batch that seems interested to join the team. I’m just helping them out.” He paused and looked back at the students. “After all, I am team captain this year,” he said quietly, flashing a friendly smile as he left them.

Like in the previous years, he walked towards the group of new students, and seated himself as they greeted him. This year seems to start perfectly, he thought, smiling and shaking hands with eager lowerclassmen who introduced themselves, blushing and looking at their feet.


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